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Dragster Race Form


School:                                                     Middle School          High School

The following information must be completed at event registration.

This form must stay with your vehicle.

No Vehicle may race without this form!


Registration Number:






You will be assigned a number at registration (noted above) this number will also be placed on your vehicle

with permanent marker.  Please note at registration if you have a preferred location for number on vehicle.


Vehicle      Length: ________________cm      Mass: _______gr. (hardware included)


The School advisor and student must review all event rules and design criteria and abide by them.  If a potential safety factor or vehicle is questioned, the event coordinator(s) may disqualify a vehicle at any time.


Race #1

Time results:

Race #2                    (Race #2 will only be used if you place in the top”x” percent of race #1)

Time results:



Besides speed, vehicles will also be judged on appearance and engineering design.

Please note that a vehicle can only be awarded one trophy.  The higher-ranking award will be issued if this situation occurs.


Evaluation notes: