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Manual Drafting Skills Event

Design Constraints

Event Coordinator: Craig King

Purpose:            to encourage excellence in effort and discipline, and give recognition to outstanding students and drafting programs in the GLOW Region.

Eligibility:        Each school is allowed one entry in each of the A and B divisions. The entrants must be registered by the deadline below.

Division A contestants must be a current student in a Glow Region School and may have taken any number of drafting courses

Division B contestants must be a current student in a Glow Region School and taking their first drafting course.

Deadline:          All entries must be registered by March 10th using the on-line registration form

General Rules:          

1.      Drawing entry must be constructed using a standard A sized sheet.


2.      Drawing must be a students current work, not a copy or digitized drawing.


3.      Sheet must use GCC’s Title Block (provided)


4.      Drawing must be complete, unfinished drawing and non-conforming drawings will not be evaluated.


5.      Drawing must conform to the XXXXX Standards.


6.      Drawings that do not conform to standards, are messy, wrong subject will not be evaluated.


7.      Letter on drawings must be completed freehand, the use of lettering templates or mechanical lettering devices is not permitted.


8.      Decisions of the judges are final.

Judging Criteria: Judges are looking for good drafting techniques and skills. Judging is based on the principal and theories of the profession and not based of the creation process. Judging is based on manual drafting practices in the following areas.

  1. Appearance and neatness.
  2. Accuracy
  3. Line work, linetype differentiation, layering standards.
  4. View Selection
  5. Organization (view placement)
  6. Dimensioning, dimensioning styles
  7. Lettering
  8. Spelling
  9. Title Block
  10. Creativity
  11. Reproducibility, Legibility.