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Please use this form to register your school and students in the 2009 GLOW Region Tech Wars Event.

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Would you be willing to volunteer as a judge or scorekeeper? 

Number of Lunches Needed

(Lunches will be provided for Registered Participants and their Teachers.  Spectators may purchase lunch at the G.C.C. Cafeteria).

Number of T-Shirts Needed





(T-Shirts will be provided for Registered Participants and their Teachers). 

Indicate the number of students participating in each of the following events from your school.  On the "Contest Rules" page, you will find the number of students allowed to enroll in each event category.
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Middle School

High School



2    Bridge  (2 Students per Bridge) 5    AutoCAD  Technical 
5    Catapults   5    AutoCAD  Arch.         
4    C02  Racing  5    Trebuchets                  
1    Mystery Project   4    C02 Racing                          
1    T-Shirt Design   2    Manual Drafting  
1    Mystery Project  
1    King of the Hill  
1    SUMO Robots  
1    T-Shirt Design  
2    Web Page Design  

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Please Print a copy of your "Confirmation Page" for your records.