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T-Shirt Design

Level of Competition: Middle and High School

Coordinators: Lynn Auble and Joanne Quanz, Dansville Central


Description of the Competition:
Show off your school and technology spirit by designing next year’s Tech Wars t-shirts!
Choose a one color shirt and place your design on the front and/or back. Your shirt must
show a positive outlook for Tech Wars. The winner, as chosen by the technology teachers
and other professionals attending Tech Wars 2008, will be the design used for next year’s
Tech Wars GCC t-shirts.

Rules of Competition:
• No Repeats of projects from prior Tech Wars competitions!
• Limited to 2 entries per school district (one middle and one high school)
• Design must be original artwork
• Students can utilize any tools, programs, or machines
• Supply a 9”x9” line art design printed on a t-shirt. You may use iron-on for the competition.
A one color, camera ready design will be necessary for screen printing purposes.
• No vulgar language, or obscenities
• No school logos, mascots, or other references to your school district
• Design must promote Tech Wars in a positive manner
• Design must have Tech Wars GCC 2009 named on it in some way
Bring this form to Tech Wars 2008
Tear off this section and vote for your choice for next year’s Tech Wars GCC 2009 t-shirt.
Scoring and Evaluation: One vote per school district
Teacher’s Name______________________________________
Teacher’s School______________________________________