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Trebuchet Event

Design Constraints

Event Coordinator: Greg Keenan  

View Trebuchet Target

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            Design and construct a device that fits the description of a trebuchet. The device will be used to    launch a projectile of choice at a given target 40 feet away. 


1.      There may be only one trebuchet structure per group. Groups may consist of 1, 2, or 3 people. 

2.      Schools may enter and register a maximum of 5 teams

3.      Teams may bring their own projectile for testing, however, the mass of the projectile has to be between 40-50 grams

4.      There will be a taped off 24x24 starting box.  Students must shoot from within this starting box.  The distance from the front of the starting box to the front of the target is 40 feet

5.      It is up to the team of students to decide how they are going to secure their device.  However, the base of the trebuchet must remain in the 24x24 starting box

6.      Counter weights used to launch the testing device need to be safely attached and secured 

7.      Students may add and/or remove counter weights while performing their final testing

8.      Students may not borrow or add additional objects from other schools

9.      All materials used for the project must be deemed safe by the instructors at the competition

10. All trebuchet bases (where the trebuchet meets and rests on the ground) must fit within a 24 X 24 start box

11.  The overall height of the trebuchet can not be taller than 36

12.  The overall width of the trebuchet can not be more than 36

13.  Students are given 5 minutes to complete a total of 5 final shots at the given target.  The points will be scored according to the testing diagram


 Trebuchet Target